Vets Plus Inc. Offers New Mossy Oak Brand of Dog Treats

Vets Plus, Inc., a USA manufacturer of animal health supplements and functional treats has partnered with Mossy Oak to offer new products using Mossy Oak’s designed-by-nature camouflage graphics. Mossy Oak will debut on a variety of products containing Surebites™ Soft Chew technology. Initially five new products will be offered: Skin & Coat, Probiotic, Joint, Dental Sticks and Training Treats.

David Nelson, President of Vets-Plus, Inc. said, “I’m pleased with the partnership between Mossy Oak and Vets Plus. We are eager to market our new product line with their popular camouflage graphics.

These products will be available soon at your local sporting goods store. All questions and inquires can be directed to Vets Plus, Inc. at

Surebites™ is a trademark of Vets Plus, Inc.

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